Welcome to Lintz Land Log. We utilize this page as a means of capturing all of the interesting and not-so-interesting happenings in Lintz Land so that our little Lintzs may have this as a record of their childhoods and so that all interested parties may keep current with what's happening in Lintz Land.

Florida Vacation - May, 2002

Check out pictures from our 2002 Florida Vacation here.

Labor Day, 2001

Check out a few pictures of our camping trip here.

Easter, 2001

Check out a few pictures of Easter 2001 here.

December 27, 2000

We took Grandma Pili to the Sears Portrait Studio today for some pictures with her and the kids!  Here's a page with the pictures.

December 23, 2000

We visited Grandpa Larry and Grandma Lynn this evening to celebrate Christmas a little early.  Here's a page with pictures from the evening.

December 22, 2000

Grandma Pili and I visited Cody and Randa during their school Christmas Parties today!!  Here's a page with pictures from the parties.

December 18, 2000

We visited Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Dick over the weekend in order to celebrate Christmas! Here's a page with pictures from the weekend.

December 1, 2000

Miranda was chosen as Student of the Month at Maryville Elementary School for her teacher Mrs. Oxendine!!  Here's the pictures:

Miranda - Student of the Month 1  Miranda - Student of the Month 2  Miranda - Student of the Month 3 

Ocober 1, 2000

Cody was awarded his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Doe!!  Here's some pictures of him and the boards he broke as part of the test and also with his instructor, Master Song!!

Cody - Tae Kwon Doe 1  Cody - Tae Kwon Doe 2  Cody - Tae Kwon Doe 3 

August 5, 2000

Miranda had her first practice soccer game today.  She did pretty well!  She did have a few stomach cramps from the Gatorade she drank before and during the game (see the picture of her on the bench below).  We're hoping that next week's game will be a little better!  Below are some pictures of her in her uniform.


July 31, 2000

Check out pictures of Des and her friend Michelle as they and all the kids visit the St. Louis Museum of Transportation here!

July 23, 2000

While I was working, Des took the kids to visit their Uncle Steve in his new home.  Here's a page with pictures of the kids along with thier aunts, cousins, and even one with Grandpa Dick!

July 6, 2000

Dad treated Dave, Cody, and I to yet another Cardinals game, this time against the Reds (yes, we got to see McGwire vs. Griffey).  They were good seats and we all had a great time.  Here's a page with pictures from the game.

July 1, 2000

I was given free tickets to the Cardinals vs. Astros game.  They were really great seats as you can see.  We all had a great time and took home two Mark McGwire Replica BatsHere's a page with pictures from the game.

June 30, 2000

We took the kids to Johnson Shut-Ins State Park in East-Central Missouri.  We had a great time even though we got rained on.  The kids loved climbing on the rocks and getting in the water.  Cody has just about got the hang of swimming.  He even enjoyed jumping off some of he not-so-high rocks into the deeper water.  Here's a page with pictures from the day.

August 15, 1999

Today we finally took all of the kids to see Inspector Gadget or Inspector Gajick as Randa likes to call it.  It was a decent but very short (less than 1 1/2 hour) movie but the kids all seemed to enjoy it.  Jordan fell asleep but then he was free so no loss there.  I came down with the flu on Friday so Des did most of the yard work for me this weekend.  That's the first time this year she's cut the grass though so she's had it pretty good.  Hard to believe that the kids start school so soon.  Both Cody and Miranda are looking forward to it and I know Des is as well.

July 26, 1999

Another week has begun.   Cody and Miranda's swimming lessons ended on Saturday.  They each had two weeks (8 days) worth of lessons at Splash City in Collinsville.  I think that it was more play in the water time than anything but the kids enjoyed it.  They don't have a pool there deeper than about 3'6" so the kids can only simulate swimming.  I'd like to take Cody to a deeper pool and see if he really can swim.

Cody was supposed to begin Art Camp today but they cancelled it because they didn't have an instructor.  It's hard to believe that school starts so soon.  Des is busy today refinishing two dressers that we have.

July 11, 1999

Well, Cody's baseball season finally came to an end yesterday.  The team lost to a team in Belleville in their only tournament game so no more games or practices until next year.  Cody and Des both begin piano lessons tomorrow - should be interesting.  I've really been playing a lot more guitar lately - check out my Music Page for more details.

Well, as you can see from today's (and the next several day's) picture of the day, against my better judgement, we finally got a puppy.  Our new dog's name is Archie!  We got him at the Edwardsville Humane Society.  He's approximately 8 weeks old and is part boxer and the rest unknown.  So far so good - he's crapped outside twice and is a very quiet dog.  I'll keep the world posted as things progress.

Bye for now,

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