Randy's Original Music Page

Please feel free to listen to a few examples of my playing and original music on the files that follow.

I composed all of these pieces and played all guitars. Drums, keyboards, and some bass guitars I programmed via computer and some bass guitars are my playing an actual bass guitar.

Title / Comments Recorded
TMR 12/2014
Lanterns 8/2014
Inescapable 5/2014
Mercy 4/2014
Ache 3/2014
Year3 3/2014
Uneven 3/2014
He 12/2013
Isolated 11/2013
Punched 11/2013
The Abyss 11/2013
On The Wings of Eagles 10/2013
Scream 10/2013
Invisible 9/2013
Madness 9/2013
V-Day 1/2013
The Hard Way. 1/2013
Last Words. 1/2013
Glutton. 12 /2012
Polarized. 12 /2012
Double Standard. 12 /2012
Dusty Road. 12 /2012
On A Roll. 11/2012
Sunset. 11/2012
Rehabilitate. 11/2012
More Is Less. 11/2012
Then There Were None. 5/2012
Tough Decisions. 5/2012
Forgotten. 5/2012
Newbie. 5/2012
The Touch. 3/2012
At Long Last. 3/2012
Parachute. 3/2012
Gypsy. 3/2012
Lost. 3/2012
Thanks fer nuthin. 2/2012
Neglect. Forgive the simple drum loop. 1/2012
Windows. 11/2011
Rainbows. 11/2011
Feelin. 11/2011
Colors. 11/2011
Young Again. 11/2011
Open Door. Another quick and rough mix (no bass or leads) for the band. 10/2011
FuDU. Very quick and rough mix for the band. 10/2011
Shoulda Listened. 9/2011
Back In The Game. 9/2011
Redemption. 8/2011
Shades ov Grey 2 (very rough sketch). 8/2011
Keep Up. 8/2011
Survival. 7/2011
Independence. 7/2011
Win Some. 7/2011
Lost. 4/2011
Tainted. 3/2011
The Decline. 3/2011
Quick blues jam recorded with Gabe's ESI GPD-200 Deluxe Guitar. 3/2011
New song idea #1 recorded with incredible new Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth. 2/2011
New song idea #2 recorded with incredible new Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth. 2/2011
Shades Ov Grey 2/2011
Fools Parade 1/2011
This Moment (Recorded with Sue's Oscar Schmidt Guitar!) 11/2010
Struck Out 11/2010
Transformation 10/2010
Egone 9/2010
Fists 9/2010
Tomorrow 9/2010
Book 2 - Chapter 1 7/2010
Book 2 - Chapter 2 7/2010
A Is R. 7/2010
Blame. 3/2010
Scarlet.  Very quick and rough mix. 3/2010
Boomerang. 3/2010
Snake. 2/2010
Tears. 1/2010
Tune recorded with Taylor 314CE Des got me for Christmas.  Unfortunately, the guitar had some issues so it went back to Guitar Center. 1/2010
Cold and Wet.  First song with new ToonTrack EZDrummer and Superior Drummer software. 12/2009
Flames. 3/2009
Resoblution. 2/2009
So Co. 11/2008
Stormy Blues. 10/2008
Arrival. 10/2008
Orchard (my lame attempt at something psuedo-country). 2/2008
GW. 2/2008
February. 1/2008
My Space Blues. 1/2008
Spicy. 1/2008
Newcomer. 1/2008
Progress. 1/2008
Return. 1/2008
Years. 1/2008
Leaving. 2/2007
Acoustic Song. 2/2007
Blues 7. 1/2007
Heritage. 12/2006
MIS. 11/2006
Eerie. 6/2006
Mountain. 6/2006
DG. 5/2006
Ox. 2/2005
Mix1. 2/2005
BLSK. 10/2004
August. 8/2003
Tea. 1/2003
Tune recorded with new Ibanez.  MIDI drums into Soundfont.  Godin used for bass, synths, and organ. 9/2001
Tombstone.  First song recorded with Kevin Flick.  Kevin is on drums and vocals.  I did all guitars and bass. 7/2001
Mellow little riff - guitar and drums with Fruity loops drums. 4/2001
Little tune - Guitar, guitar synth.  Drums through Fruity Loops - no bass. 3/2001
New tune featuring Miranda doing a little improvisation. 1/2001
An exotic sounding tune which makes use of the sitar patch on the new GR-33.&NBSP strat is through POD's Roland Jazz Chorus amp patch with just of touch of delay and flange. 1/2001
A goofy little tune recorded after about a day playing with the GR-33.  The cool thing with the GR-33 is I can record the MIDI out into N-Track and then have unlimited voices of any part.  I used various pipe tones, various bass tones, and various organ tones in the song. 1/2001
A highly improvised rendition of Auld Langsine recorded with the new Godin ACS nylon string guitar through the new Roland GR-33.  Happy New Year!!! 12/2000
A rendition of Silent Night recorded with the new Godin ACS nylon string guitar which Des got me for my birthday!!  It gets a little sloppy at the end as my hand got tired...  Happy Holidays!!! 11/2000
Tune recorded on Gabe's G&L Legacy Special.  All guitars are through various POD 2.0 settings.  Drum track composed utilizing Fruity Loops. Bass lines recorded with my Fender Standard Mexico Jazz Bass. 11/2000
Tune quickly (and sloppily) recorded.  Got the drum track off of the latest issue of Computer Music (a UK publication which comes with a CD each month).  I may continue to flesh this out so check back soon for an updated version. 11/2000
Tune recorded at the Comfort Inn in Muscatine, Iowa during my recent travel's there. Features heavy dosage of F#madd9 and Eadd9 chords.  Utilize the POD for all tracks including the phased lead part.  Utilized Fruity Loops to quickly assemble the drum parts. 9/2000
Tune recorded on Gabe's new Music Man Sabre.  I utilized Drop-B tuning and all guitars are through the new POD 2.0 Rectifier model (preset 1-A).  Pictures of the guitar 1  |  2  |   3  |   4 6/2000
Standard chord tune.  Wish I could sing as I've even got lyrics for this one. 5/2000
Slow tune with clean guitar, bass, and nice neck humbucker solo stuff (improvised). 5/2000
Pure bluesy tune with MIDI drums, bass, and horns.  Solo recorded with S-500 neck/bridge pickups. 2/2000
Pure bluesy tune with MIDI drums, bass, and horns.  Solo recorded with S-500 neck/bridge pickups. 2/2000
Heavy industrial type tune.  MIDI drums and bass with misc. samples. 2/2000
Slow tune.  Sampled drums with MIDI bass and three tracks of guitar. 2/2000
Slow heavy wah tune.  MIDI drums, bass, and keyboards. 2/2000
Little slide guitar tune.  MIDI drums and bass with miscellaneous wave loops. 1/2000
Crappy recording of a loop created with individual samples - as you can tell, I'm still very much in the infancy of developing this technique. 1/2000
Simple I-IV-V tune with MIDI drum accompanient and MIDI bass recorded with my keyboard. 1/2000
Bluesy jam utilizing a drum sample looped. 1/2000
Newer tune utilizing the new strat and a drum sample looped. 1/2000
"You"  Very rough but what I hope will turn out to be a cool tune.  Can't wait to one day have a Strat with a Fishman bridge - this will really sound nice with that guitar. 12/99
"Pop"  Another rough idea that has some potential.  Ditto on the Fishman remarks. 12/1999
"Magic"  First section.  First example of new Art X-15 MIDI floor board controlling the volume and wah from the POD.  MIDI accompanient includes bass and drums. 11/1999
"Fractured"  First two sections.  Mix sucks - but it's getting closer.  MIDI accompanient includes bass, percussion, and keyboards. 11/1999
"Fractured"  First section.  Needs melody instead of pure improvisation lead work.  MIDI accompanient includes bass and percussion. 11/1999
"Fractured" An exercise in spacey chords with some lead on top - needs much work but sounds interesting so far.  Next will be MIDI accompaniment. 10/1999
Nearly complete short instrumental piece. 10/1999
Guitar only riff recorded with flange effect. 10/1999
Simple shredding on the Universe with a cool phase effect from the Digitech. 8/1999
First section of a song on which I'm currently working.  G&L on clean rythm, Axis on lead.  MIDI accompaniment includes drums and bass. 10/1999
First section of a song on which I'm currently working.  MIDI accompaniment includes drums and bass. 8/1999
"Old Man"  MIDI is drums only.  Bass simulated via RP-7. 11/1998
Funky little riff and solo.  MIDI is drums only. 10/1998
Exercise in changing keys mid-song.  MIDI is drums only.  Bass and Guitar synth sounds simulated via RP-7. 11/1998

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