The New Lintz Mobile


Our new Dodge Grand Caravan Sport minivan in our driveway.  Des did most of the shopping, haggling, and financing arranging.  All in all, I believe she did a great job and I also believe that we got a pretty good deal.
Here's a shot of the back of the van.  The Sport model that we bought features a rear spoiler.  Also note the roof rack.  One thing we both liked about this model is that both the front and rear bumpers are the same color as the body instead of the plain grey.
We were set on buying a van with the integrated child seat which Bubby is modeling here.  The only one we could find happened to come from Columbia, Missouri.  The child seat folds up into a normal bucket seat when its not in the child seat mode.  I'm also glad that Des and I agreed on the darkest interior - best to hide all of those future stains the three little Lintz's will surely create.
Here's a view from the front.  The Sport model features the foglamps you see.  The Grand Caravan's come standard with the dual sided sliding doors.
I had to spend about an hour cleaning and reorganizing the garage in order to fit in both cars.  The sliding doors really come in handy when both cars are parked in the garage as they require next to no room.
Here's another shot of the garage and house.  I moved the basketball goal out of the way to ensure no unnecessary dents on Des's new ride.
Here's a shot from inside the garage.  Note the whiffle ball tied onto a piece of rope to let Des know exactly how far up to pull when parking - I got this idea from Dad a while back.

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